September 29, 2017


Iceland has been on our bucket list ever since we found out about puffins while eating “Puffins,” the cereal. Sadly, we didn’t get to see any actual puffins nor the Northern Lights, but we did get to see some gorgeous waterfalls with even more gorgeous Icelandic horses and bathed in the natural spring of the Blue Lagoon.

I probably hold the record for most number of times someone pulled over to take pictures of horses. But when they’re this friendly and this natural at hamming it up for the camera, how can you not?

Love the natural formation of these rocks.
We found this area that was slightly remote and away from the city lights. Kallen and I would drive there 3 out of the 4 nights we were in Iceland just to see if the aurora would make an appearance. Our hearts were breaking a bit the last night we were there and despite strong forecast, it sadly did not show.

I mean, that direct look into the camera by all of them! How lucky was I??


We woke up at 4am this morning to catch the sunrise at Black Sand Beach. And I may or may not have gotten mad at Kallen because he was lagging by 15 minutes and I may have thought we missed the sunrise. We didn’t.

This is what happens when you try to teach your husband how to photograph. I guess when I went over how to focus and recompose, he forgot about the focus part.

These rocks! Naturally formed. Nature and its awesomeness.

These interesting layers of rocks were everywhere at Black Sand Beach.

These basalt columns. I still don’t quite understand how they naturally formed. Something about cooling of lavas.

My husband.

A lot of waterfalls in Iceland.


We stopped by a dairy farm for some ice cream and thought this frame would look like something out of an “Old Country Times” magazine. No need to look up, not a real magazine.

And the infamous Bruarfoss!
This unique blue waterfall is well known for being the most difficult to find.

We almost gave up so many times looking for this waterfall. Google maps and blog sites didn’t help very much. And now that we found it, it is truly difficult to tell you exactly how to get there. Literally it was gut instincts and following the sounds of the waterfall.


This naturally blueness is apparently from the silica.

Blue Lagoon.
I actually really enjoyed it here. One of the most relaxing thing I’ve done. Even if it meant sharing a warm bath with hundreds of others.

Concluding this with this handsome guy.


Contax 645
Fuji 400h